Our Civil War era recipe of corn whiskey aged in charred white oak barrels at just the right amount of time to bring out the right color and taste.

Our Bourbon aged in new charred white oak barrels, again with our authentic corn whiskey recipe. Our Bourbon is unlike any other in that it's not mass-produced, but done the right way!

Old Soldier Traditional Whiskey:

Our Butterscotch Flavored Whiskey is our most popular
product and we can hardly keep it on the shelf. All natural flavoring that balances the taste of the butterscotch with our whiskey quite nicely. Highly recommended.

Old Soldier Butterscotch Flavored Whiskey:

White Whiskey is what it's really called before it's aged. And we're not talking neutral grain spirits bought from big, high volume companies. We treat our White Whiskey with the same care and skill as all our products. To give you the authentic and absolute best product possible.

Done the

right way

Old Soldier Distillery has three leading products with others in research which will still stay within our standards of  authentic taste and style.

We are experimenting with a few original and natural cordials that the market is missing, we are glad to fill. Look forward to seeing them soon.

Old Soldier White Whiskey:

Old Soldier Bourbon: